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The Quality Assurance Management and Design Team

In its quest for quality and excellence, H S Liao Sdn Bhd formed a Quality Assurance Management and Design Team comprising of directors and senior engineers.

The objective of the Quality Assurance Management and Design Team is to pool all the resources of the directors and senior engineers of the Company to discuss design policies and design concepts, solve technical problems as a group, thus avoiding implementation of design concept based on a single engineer's decision.

Other engineers are also given opportunity to present their views and to discuss any design problems faced by them. Through this, the team is able to formulate policies and directions towards a professional consulting firm committed to achieving excellence and innovation.

In line with the trend for global trade and services, the Company embarked on a program to obtain the prestigious ISO 9001 certification in 1993.

The Quality Assurance Management and Design Team prepared the necessary procedural documentation, implement the quality system, held regular design reviews and audits.

Our effort was rewarded when the company was awarded the ISO 9001 certification by SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute Of Malaysia) for the provision of consultancy services for design and supervision of civil and building engineering works in 1995.

By maintaining the high standard requirement of ISO 9001, the company has been recommended by SIRIM for renewal of the ISO 9001 certificate for the past three (3) years.


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