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Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

Applications and Markets yoko-HAMA SEALED LEAD-ACID BATTERIES for both Cyclic Charge Use and Trickle or Float Charge Use.

Cyclic Charge Us
Consumer Applications
  • Audio/video instruments, VCR, headphone stereos, cassette players, radio cassette tape recorders, portable TVs and CD/DAT players.
  • Electric power vacuum cleaners, movie lights, photo flashes and electric fans.
    Portable lights, signal lights, headlamps, fluorescent lamp, bicycle lights, and high beam power lights.
  • Electrically heated clothing, warmer vests, warmer trousers, warmer gloves, warmer shoes, warmer socks, and warmer slippers.
  • Kitchen appliances, hand mixers, can openers, dishwashers and personal transceivers.

Office Equipment

  • Hand-held/portable computer and calculators.
  • Facsimiles, printers, typewriters, displays, word processors.
  • Cellular mobile phones, cordless telephones and car telephone.

Small-Engine Start

  • Lawn mowers, grass and hedge trimmers.
  • Golf trolleys, Electric air pumps and Motorcycle.

Power Tools

  • Electric saws, screwdrivers, drills, grinders and scissors.

Toys and Hobby

  • Radio-controllers (cars, planes and ships).
  • Electric fishing reels battery packs.
  • Children's tricycles and robots.

Instrument and Medical Equipment

  • Electric wheelchairs, measuring equipment and blood pressure monitors.
  • Portable vibrators and infusion pumps.
Float Charge Use
Emergency Devices
  • Lights, fire and burglar alarm systems.

Communications Equipment

  • PBXs push button telephones.

System Power Supply and Memory Backup

  • UPS systems, Robots, NCs, Computers, CRTs, Sequencers, Electric cash registers.

Special Features

Lead-resistant structure
A minimum-required quantity of electrolyte is impregnated into, and retained by, the positive and negative plates and separators; therefore electrolyte does not flow freely. Also, the terminal has a sealed structure secured by long adhesive-embedded paths and by the adoption of strong epoxy adhesives which makes the battery leak-resistant. (Note) In stand-by/back-up uses, if the battery continues to be used beyond the point where discharge duration has decreased to 50% of its initial (i.e. life judgement criteria), cracking of the battery case may occur, resulting in leakage of electrolyte.

Easy maintenance
Unlike conventional batteries in which electrolyte can flow freely, Sealed-Lead Acid batteries do not need the specific-gravity check of electrolyte nor the watering structurally; this makes the battery function fully and makes maintenance easy.

No sulfuric acid mist or gases
Unlike conventional batteries in which electrolyte can flow freely, Sealed-Lead Acid batteries generate no sulfuric acid mist or gases under the usage conditions we recommend. In uses under conditions other than recommended, however, gas generation may occur, therefore do not design the battery housing with a closed structure.

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