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Asia Bolts & Nuts (MFG) Sdn.Bhd.
EXPORT-Product Information


We are able to manufacture standard bolts
Hot forging up to the following dimension: 

Drop-In Anchor Set Anchor P.J. Anchor
PK Wedge Anchor TR Stud Anchor Impact Anchor
Form Tie Spanner Form Tie Plastic Cone
Type (A to E) Bracket Wall Plug Pipe Hook
U-Clip Bracket Chain Wire Rope
Internal/External Circlip Rivet Ring
Chemical Capsule Drill Bit  
Concrete Insert Guardrail Cast-in anchors
Hex socket cap set screws ASTM A193
F10T High Quality tension control bolting
Grade B7 stud bolts with A194 2H nuts
Diameter up to 64 mm or 2.5 inches Length up to 1 meter In accordance with the international standard such as ISO, Din BS, ASTM, JIS, ANSI and special requirements our Manufacturing Process.

Bent Bolts
A rod with one side threaded or both side threaded is bent into relevant shape to form a bent bolt. The function of bent bolt is to hold across a round or flat metal.
U-Bolt, Square U-Bolt, J-Bolt/Hook, Eye Bolt, Square J-Bolt/Hook

Expansion bolts, Chemical anchors & studs, F10T High Strength Friction Grip bolts & nuts, Grade 4.6, 4.8, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9 & 12.9 fasteners ASTM A325 high strength Structural bolts & nuts. SUS 304, 316 stainless steel bolts, nuts, U-bolts & studs , Various types of Customized Anchor bolts, U-bolts, Eye bolts, Plow bolts, Carriage bolts, Couplers & Inserts etc.




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The Fastener Specialist - Asia Bolts & Nuts Manufacturer of bolts and nuts, fasteners for export

Glossary of terminology on topics related to nuts and bolts, threaded fasteners and tightening techniques.

HARDENED WASHERS - The force under the head of a bolt or nut can exceed, at high preloads, the compressive yield strength of the clamped material. If this occurs excessive embedding and deformation can result in bolt preload loss.

To overcome this hardened washers under the bolt head can be used to distribute the force over a wider area into the clamped material. A more modern alternative is to use a flange headed nuts and bolts.

HARD JOINT  - A joint in which the plates and material between the nut and bolt bearing surfaces have a high stiffness when subjected to compression by the bolt load. A joint is usually defined as hard if the bolt is tightened to its full torque and it rotates through an angle of 30 degrees or less after it has been tightened to its snug condition.


A severe form of adhesive wear which occurs during sliding contact of one surface relative to another.

Clumps of one part stick to the mating part and break away from the surface. (Can frequently occur when both the nut and bolt are zinc coated.)

Total distance between the underside of the nut to the bearing face of the bolt head; includes washer, gasket thickness etc.