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Asia Bolts & Nuts - The Fastener Specialist
Asia Bolts & Nuts
- The Fastener Specialist


Asia Bolts & Nuts
Asia Bolts & Nuts
The fastener specialist

Hot Forging expansion bolts, Chemical anchors & studs F10T High Strength Friction Grip bolts & nuts Grade 4.6, 4.8, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9 & 12.9 fasteners. ASTM A325 high strength Structural bolts & nuts.

Product Range - Cast-in anchors, Hex socket cap and set screws F10T High Quality tension control bolting ASTM A193 Grade B7 stud bolts




Asia Bolts & Nuts Established in 1982 to supply
quality bolts, and nuts and the company has grown rapidly and play an important role in supplying a wide range of bolts, nuts and fasteners to the building and manufacturing industries in Malaysia.
  316 stainless steel bolts & nuts

Asia Bolts & Nuts Manufacture Quality bolts,
nuts and fasteners at competitive prices to meet the satisfaction of our Valued customers and in an environment where Our Employees are valued, respected and highly motivated, bonded by long term relationship with our trade associates.

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The Fastener Specialist - Asia Bolts & Nuts Manufacturer of bolts and nuts, fasteners for export

Glossary of terminology on topics related to nuts and bolts, threaded fasteners and tightening techniques.

Effective Nut Radius
The radius from the centre of the nut to the point where the contact forces, generated when the nut is turned, can be considered to act.

Direct Tension Indicators
Direct Tension Indicators (DTI's) is a term sometimes used to describe load indicating washers.

Projections on the face of the washer (usually on the face abuting the bolt head or nut) that deform under loading as the bolt is tensioned.

An indication of the tension in the bolt can be made by measuring the gap between the washer face and the nut or bolt head. The smaller the gap - the greater the tension in the bolt. Commonly used in civil rather than mechanical engineering applications.

Electroless Nickel
A relatively thin, hardcoating that can be applied to threads and deposited uniformly. Bright metallic in appearance this coating has excellent resistance to wear and corrosion.


Effective diameter
It is the diameter of an imaginary cylinder coaxial with the thread, which has equal metal and space widths and often referred to as pitch diameter.

Sometimes referred to as the simple effective diameter to differentiate from the virtual effective diameter.

Design Form of Thread - The design form of an internal or external thread is the thread form in it's maximum metal condition.

It is the same as the basic thread profile except that the thread roots are rounded. If either the internal or external thread form exceeds the design form of the thread profile then a potential interference exists.