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Asia Bolts & Nuts (MFG) Sdn. Bhd.
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We have fulfilled the contract to manufacture and supply customized fasteners to the following companies:

Taylor Woodrow International Ltd
 Project: Petronas-KLCC Twin Tower
 Light Rail Transit (LRT) System 2
 Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co Ltd
Light Rail Transit (LRT) System 2
 Petronas Gas and Oil Refinery Project

Tyco Engineering & Construction (M) Sdn Bhd  Project: Phase 1 of Distric Cooling Centre-KLCC

SNC-Lavalin (M) Sdn Bhd
Light Rail Trasit (LRT) System

Samsung (M) Sdn Bhd
Petronas-KLCC Twin Tower

JGC Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Petronas Oil Refinery

Petronas Ammonia Sdn Bhd
Ammonia Syngas

Muhibbah Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd
Marine Jobs

Nam Fatt Fabricators Sdn Bhd
Tun Razak Viaduct




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The Fastener Specialist - Asia Bolts & Nuts Manufacturer of bolts and nuts, fasteners for export

Glossary of terminology on topics related to nuts and bolts, threaded fasteners and tightening techniques.

A high performance surface coating that can be applied to fasteners. The coating consists of passivated zinc flakes that are stoved onto the metal surface. The coating can be coloured and eliminates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement associated with electroplated metal. DACROMET is a registered trademark of Metal Coatings International, Inc. of Chardon Ohio

The point at which there is zero pressure at the joint interface as a result of forces applied to the joint. If the applied force is increased beyond the decompression point, a gap will form at the interface. Analytically, a criteria of joint failure is often taken as when the applied force on the joint reaches the decompression point.

This is because forces acting on the bolt(s) can dramatically increase at this point. Loading beyond this point can also result in fretting at the interface that will lead to bolt tension loss that will subsequently lower the decompression point.

This process can continue until bolt failure does occur. The failure can be by fatigue or other mechanism but the underlying cause was loading of the joint beyond the decompression point. It is for this reason that it is frequently taken as a failure criteria in analysis work.


This coating is similar to zinc electroplating completed in an acid chloride bath - a small amount of cobalt (typically about 1%) is added to increase the plating speed.


A zinc phosphate conversion coating is frequently added to zinc electroplated parts, such as bolt threads, to improve corrosion resistance.

This type of chemical conversion coating provides a protective passivation layer on the zinc improving its corrosion resistance.