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Asia Bolts & Nuts (MFG) Sdn.Bhd.
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Asia Bolts & Nuts Sdn Bhd Established in 1982 to supply quality bolts, and nuts. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and play an important role in supplying a wide range of bolts, nuts and fasteners to the SUS 304, 316 stainless steel bolts, nuts, U-bolts & studs Various types of Customized Anchor bolts, U-bolts, Eye bolts, Plow bolts, Carriage bolts, Couplers & Inserts etc.



The Fastener Specialist - Asia Bolts & Nuts Manufacturer of bolts and nuts, fasteners for export


Glossary of terminology on topics related to nuts and bolts, threaded fasteners and tightening techniques.

A modified thread profile patented and trade mark of the Bosco Tool Inc.

The thread form has a small projection at the pitch diameter that eliminates the clearance from the thread assembly on both flanks.

By doing this it is claimed that resistance to vibration loosening is significantly improved.

Coating of threaded fasteners with cadmium can provide the parts with excellent corrosion resistance. The appearance of the coating is bright silver or yellow if subsequently passivated.

The friction values associated with this coating are also comparatively low. A chromate conversion coating is frequently applied to the surface to improve corrosion resistance.

Cadmium is not now frequently used because of the environmental and worker health problems associated with the coating process and should not be used in applications above 250C or when contact with food is possible.


TOLERANCE CLASS - A combination of tolerance grade and a fundamental deviation which is given to an internal or external thread. A tolerance class for an internal thread when combined with the tolerance class for an external thread gives the class of fit for the mating threads.

TOLERANCE GRADE - The difference between maximum and minimum metal conditions for a tolerance applied to a screw thread. For metric threads the tolerance grade is given a number.

TORQUE MULTIPLIER - A gearbox used to increase the torque produced by a small hand wrench.

TORQUE WRENCH  - A manual wrench which incorporates a gauge or other method to indicate the amount of torque transferred to the nut or bolt.


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