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  Aquatic & Aquarium Tips

Can I raise Koi or goldfish in an indoor 125 gallon tank or a small indoor ponds in my apartment?

Favorite aquatic plants are the swords of the genus Echinodorus osiris (above picture), they can tolerate temperatures as low as 60 F or 75 F degrees.

Notice the young java fern shoots propagating (above picture) from an older java fern leaf and with its roots latching on-to a piece of rock.

Java fern can grow above the water due to more CO2 at the water surface than below. Aquatic plants that can reach up to the surface will enjoy plentiful of CO2

Aquatic & Aquarium Tips

There is lot of algae build-up in my pond that lasts about six weeks. Would snails help to eliminate this problem? If so, can I use normal wild snails found in most outdoor lakes & ponds.
Donít Destroy Helpful Bacteria. Because the nitrosomonas and nitrobacter are the domineering bacteria populations in the biological filter.

How to avoid having algae in your aquarium? Starve your plants and algae will grow. But can one feed the plants and avoid algae growth?
Staghorn Algae outbreak are due to nutrient imbalance
Healthy Plants Require Balanced Growing conditions. An unbalanced planted aquarium need a high level of lighting without adding carbon dioxide.

How can I control the algae? My pond water becomes murky and over loaded with algae. My 10 ft X 5 ft pond contains six Koi fishes about 2 ft in length uses pH of about 7.0 rain water.

Using yeast fermentation bottle. You only need a couple of bottles to maintain good CO2 levels in a 92-gallon aquarium--great for growing fresh water aquarium plants and won't hurt your fishes.


Biozyme-Enhancer Water treatment is a dried bacteria's and enzyme combination which are specially selected for the control and maintenance of water quality which have high organic build-up such as: Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, Phosphates, Sludge, B.O.D., etc. in ponds and aquariums.

Biozyme F-50 & F-100 Water treatment is a combination of micro-organisms & enzymes for the purpose of controlling, maintaining water quality with organic toxins build-up in ponds and aquariums.

Pat-Color for Fishes to maintain and increase natural coloration of fishes without the use of color hormones, color pigments (canthaxanthin, astaxanthin) spirulina and other harmful chemicals.

Biozyme-Matrix Water treatment to clarify the water by enhancing the mechanical and biological filtration system thereby increasing the biological surface area by forming surface matrixes for biozyme to perform its optimum functions.

Pat-Vital for Fishes & Invertebrates to enhance the body immune system and body resistance against diseases and stress in fishes and invertebrates.

Pat-Provita design for salt, fresh water fishes & invertebrates that provide multi-vitamins and amino-acids using unique formulation of multi-vitamins and appetite stimulants.

Pat-Antiviral Koi's & Shrimps treatment to prevent Koi's pox, ulcer infections, red veins, white spots in shrimp and improves body resistance.

Pat-Control Specially formulated for Fishes as an effective broad spectrum treatment of internal and external bacterial infections.

Pat-Aquanox Fish treatment for external protozoans, fungal, and mild bacterial infections.

Pat-(+)&(-) specially formulated for the treatment, prevention disinfectant for external bacterial diseases.

Pat-Instant for removal of chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, prevent stress, to acclimatize & transporting fishes.

Pat-Sparkler Water treatment is specially formulated to remove suspended particles such as silt, clay, faeces, diatoms, sludge, heavy metals, & plankton's.

  Pruning and Planting. fern, stem or rosette
are not trimmed the same way, liverwort Riccia fluitans are trimmed by merely separating a portion of the mass by pulling or snipping.

Do Planted Tanks Require CO2? Beautiful aquatic plants growth depends on lighting. With low to moderate lighting, adding CO2 is not necessary.

Freshwater Java fern (Microsorum pteropus) can suffer from Java fern melt if blue-green algae is present due to nutrient deficiencies.

CO2 is only a problem for fishes if you add too much to the water. A good level for plants is about 20 to 30 ppm. CO2 doesn't stress fishes until the level gets to be about 50 ppm (parts per million).

Water Hardness, black or red algae affect your aquarium. Some sword plants growing from a riverbed that was pure calcium carbonate--yet, the swords were flourishing.


& Aquarium Tips

Tiny Foods for Small Fry.
Cultured live foods for fry include vinegar eels, baby brine shrimp, microworms and infusoria. Once fish eggs have hatched, youíve only just begun the journey to breeding fish and raising their young.

Vinegar eels cultures


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