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For Marine & Freshwater Treatment

Biozyme-Enhancer purpose is for water treatment. They are dried bacteria's and enzyme combined specially for the control and maintenance of water quality that have high organic build-up such as ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, sludge, B.O.D., etc in ponds & aquariums.

The benefits of using Biozyme-Enhancer are; No water change needed, it eliminate smelly water and mud taste from fishes, increases the oxygen content by reducing B.O.D. (biological oxygen demand), biodegrades left over foods, sludge and faeces.

Controls green water, maintains pH, removes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic biological by-products. Biozyme-enhancer contains a unique blend of 12 types of non-pathogenic and environmentally friendly bacteria's and 8 types of dried enzymes bacteria's produced in a special process that have a shelf-life of 30 months without losing effectiveness.

Aquatic & Aquarium Tips

Tiny Foods for Small Fry
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Once fish eggs have hatched, youíve only just begun the journey to breeding fish and raising their young. Cultured live food for fry include vinegar eels, microworms, baby brine shrimp and infusoria (green water zooplankton)

Many young fish will only eat food that is moving. You have a short period in which to adapt a young fish to non-moving food and convert it to dried flake food when it gets older or the young fish fry will die.

The following overview of many of the foods used by aquarists to feed their fry and help you keep your fry alive. Each of these foods provides enough nutrients that could be used alone, but you should use several different foods when feeding your fry to help satiate different appetites.

Boiled Egg Yolk  To prepare this yolk food, start by hard-boiling an egg. Remove the shell and egg white; all you need is the yolk.

Fresh egg yolk can be made into egg yolk powder

Boiled Egg Yolk is an easy, inexpensive food to use with young fry. It has the added bonus of not resulting in the unpleasant smells that live cultures often create.

  The lush growth of a fertile underwater garden within the enclosed confine of an aquarium nurtures schools of fish within it.

A well balance of bacteria, fauna, and flora, that creates and sustains the power of aquarium life requires simple basic home aquarium knowledge to recreate mother nature.


Aquatic & Aquarium Tips

Place a small piece
of the yolk in a small container with water and then shaking the container vigorously. When you agitate the water the yolk should dissolve, and you now have a suspended food that you can feed your fry.

If necessary, pass the mixture through a very clean cloth to sift out any remaining larger pieces of yolk. You can then pour the egg yolk solution directly into the tank. It will be eaten ravenously by most baby fish and it is normal for the egg yolk solution to remain suspended in the water for some time.

A single egg yolk could feed a batch of baby guppies for months and it is best to use refrigerated boiled egg yolk not more than seven days. Of course you must remember not add too much yolk to your mixture as too much food in the tank will cause Phytoplankton (Green Water).

One problem with egg yolk is that some of the suspended yolk might be too big for the smallest fry to fit it into their mouths and potential problem of uneaten food fouling the aquarium water.

Powdered Egg Yolk
This is commonly available
at pet stores, and you will find that powdered egg yolk is mixed with many other substances to help provide vitamins and minerals that can aid fish growth.


Powdered egg yolk can be added to a tank by sprinkling it directly on top of the water or mixing it with water before pouring it into the tank (if sprinkling it directly on top of the water) it will floats, whereas if you mix the food with water, it remains suspended for a short time before dropping to the bottom of the tank.

Use both methods to maximize the opportunity for the fish to feed. Powdered egg yolk actual size is smaller than home made ones and excellent for small fish because of its small size.

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Clusters of live Vinegar Eels in apple cider
vinegar solution.

Tiny Foods for Small Fry
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  There is lot of algae build-up in my pond that lasts about six weeks. Would snails help to eliminate this problem? If so, can I use normal wild snails found in most outdoor lakes & ponds.

Can I raise Koi in an indoor 125 gallon tank and what are the possibilities for building a small indoor ponds in my apartment to raise Koi or goldfish?

Donít Destroy Helpful Bacteria. Because the nitrosomonas and nitrobacter are the domineering bacteria populations in the biological filter.

How can I control the algae? My pond water becomes murky and over loaded with algae. My 10 ft X 5 ft pond contains six Koi fishes about 2 ft in length uses pH of about 7.0 rain water.

Using yeast fermentation bottle. You only need a couple of bottles to maintain good CO2 levels in a 92-gallon aquarium--great for growing fresh water aquarium plants and won't hurt your fishes.

Do Planted Tanks Require CO2? Beautiful aquatic plants growth depends on lighting. With low to moderate lighting, adding CO2 is not necessary.

Favorite aquatic plants are the swords of the genus Echinodorus osiris, they can tolerate temperatures as low as 60 F or 75 F degrees.

Pruning and Planting. fern, stem or rosette are not trimmed the same way, liverwort Riccia fluitans are trimmed by pulling or snipping a portion of the mass.

Freshwater Java fern (Microsorum pteropus) can suffer from Java fern melt if blue-green algae is present due to nutrient deficiencies.

CO2 is only a problem for fishes if you add too much to the water. A good level for plants is about 20 to 30 ppm. CO2 doesn't stress fishes until the level gets to be about 50 ppm.

Water Hardness, black or red algae affect your aquarium. Some sword plants growing from a riverbed that was pure calcium carbonate--yet, the swords were flourishing.

How to avoid having algae in your aquarium? Starve your plants and algae will grow. But can one feed the plants and avoid algae growth?
Healthy Plants Require Balanced Growing conditions. An unbalanced planted aquarium need a high level of lighting without adding carbon dioxide.

Vinegar eels cultures  are great fish food, easy to culture and keep plus small in size. Unlike microworms and other cultured foods, you can ignore your vinegar eel culture for weeks without killing off the culture.

While most livebearer fry are large enough to eat commercially prepared foods at hatching time, many other fish fry, including rainbow fish, gouramies, gobies and tetras, require a smaller food source.


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