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Professional Aquatic Technology
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We Manufacture and export of formulated application for prevention, treatment for a wide range of saltwater and freshwater aquatic fish system treatment products for Aquarium plants, fertilizers, & related products.

Aquatic & Aquarium Tips

Too much CO2 and light and over feeding will cause an outbreak of "Hair algae or Staghorn" algae growth and nutrient imbalances.


  Freshwater Java fern can grow above the water--there are more CO2 at the water surface than below and aquatic plants that can reach up to the surface.


Pruning and Planting. fern, stem or rosette are not trimmed the same way, liverwort Riccia fluitans are trimmed by merely separating a portion of the mass by pulling or snipping.

  Starve your plants and algae will grow.
But can one feed the plants and avoid
algae growth?

How to avoid having algae in your aquarium?

Water Hardness, black or red algae affect your aquarium.

Some sword plants growing from a riverbed that was pure calcium carbonate--yet, the swords were flourishing.

Healthy Plants Require Balanced Growing conditions and planted aquarium require sufficient level of lighting without adding carbon dioxide.

Favorite aquatic plants are the swords of the genus Echinodorus osiris, they can tolerate temperatures as low as 60 F or 75 F degrees.


There is lot of algae build-up in my pond that lasts about six weeks.

Would snails help to eliminate this problem? If so, can I use normal wild snails found in most outdoor lakes and ponds.

Pruning and Planting. fern, stem or rosette
are not trimmed the same way. Liverwort Riccia fluitans are trimmed by pulling and snipping to separate a portion of the mass .


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