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Having a Nature Aquarium or Pond is the creation of a natural biosphere within the glass confines of an aquarium...

...and aquatic life inside it begins from a single cells of micro-organic bacteria where their existence begins.

Donít Destroy Helpful Bacteria. Because the nitrosomonas and nitrobacter are biological filter domineering bacteria populations.

In the aquarium, some microorganisms are pathogenic, most are harmless, some examples of helpful microorganisms are the nitrifying bacteria.




Aquatic & Aquarium Tips

Tiny Foods for Small Fry
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Microworms cultures

At .05 to 2.0 millimeters long and .05 mm in diameter, you need a microscope to see micro-worms.

Fish eat micro worms ravenously. Unlike vinegar eels, microworms will not live long in the water, so donít overfeed.

Microworm cultures
typically last about two weeks before they need to be replaced.

Micro worms (Panagrellus redivivus) are small nematodes that may seem initially too small for your baby fish. But they have qualities that make them ideal for growing fish.

To create a micro-worms culture, mix about a tablespoon of corn meal with water until it forms a paste. Then add about a quarter-teaspoon of yeast.

Place this mixture in the bottom of an empty clean glass jar about the size of standard peanut butter jar and add a culture of microworms.


There is lot of algae build-up in my pond--would snails help to eliminate this problem? If so, can I use normal wild snails found in most outdoor lakes & ponds.
(Hair algae above pic) Algae will start growing
if too much light are provided or extra nitrogen
that the plants can't use-up.


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How to Culture Baby Brine Shrimp?


Vinegar eels cultures

  Screw on the lid, which must have a few nail size holes punched into its middle. After a few days youíll find that there are micro-worms crawling everywhere.

Scrape them off the walls of the container with a window cleaner rubber blade and feed them to your fishes in the aquarium.

Fishes eat these worms ravenously. Unlike vinegar eels, micro-worms will not live long in the water, so donít overfeed. In addition to the microworms, the medium they live in may sometimes be introduced into the aquarium. If this happens, donít worry; it, too, will be eaten by the fish and may provide another source of food for young fry.


Aquatic & Aquarium Tips

Micro worm cultures typically last about two weeks before they need to be replaced.
  You should not need to do anything to maintain this culture.

As with green water zooplankton, maintain two cultures at a time to avoid running out of food for your young fish fry.

Opinions vary on how to maximize a culture. Some people recommend using rolled oats instead of corn meal--just be aware that the smell of the culture may be unpleasant to some people.

On the positive side, micro worms are the best nutritional food for your young fish fry than baby brine shrimp.

  CO2 is only a problem for fishes if you add too much to the water. A good level for plants is about 20 to 30 ppm. CO2 doesn't stress fishes until the level gets to be about 50 ppm

How can I control the algae?
My pond water becomes murky and over loaded with algae. My 10 ft X 5 ft pond contains six Koi fishes about 2 ft in length uses pH of about 7.0 rain water.

Using yeast fermentation bottle.
You only need a couple of bottles to maintain good CO2 levels in a 92-gallon aquarium--great for growing fresh water aquarium plants and won't hurt your fishes.

Tiny Foods for Small Fry.
Cultured live foods for fry include vinegar eels, baby brine shrimp, microworms and infusoria. Once fish eggs have hatched, youíve only just begun the journey to breeding fish and raising their young.


Tiny Foods for Small Fry

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Boiled and Powdered Egg Yolk


Do Planted Tanks Require CO2?
Beautiful aquatic plants growth depends on lighting. With low to moderate lighting, adding CO2 is not necessary.

Freshwater Java fern
(Microsorum pteropus) can suffer from Java fern melt if blue-green algae is present due to nutrient deficiencies.

Water Hardness, black or red algae affect your aquarium. Some sword plants growing from a riverbed that was pure calcium carbonate--yet, the swords were flourishing.

Healthy Plants Require Balanced Growing conditions. An unbalanced planted aquarium need a high level of lighting without adding carbon dioxide.

How to avoid having algae in your aquarium?
Starve your plants and algae will grow. But can one feed the plants and avoid algae growth?


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