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Secrets of International Trade
" business law an offer once accepted by the buyer, an export contract comes into being..."
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Appointment -
The company officially appoints the foreign firm as its sales representative for the specified products in the specified foreign market.

Territory - The geographical area for which the sales representative will be responsible is specified.

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Importer Responsibilities.
# The Sales Representative agrees to maintain an adequate sales organization and use its best efforts to sell the Company's product in the assigned territory.

# To maintain active contacts with the customers, to keep the Company fully informed of all governmental, commercial, and industrial activities and plans that could affect the sale in the assigned territory.

# To provide market information to the company; to recommend improvements to sales plans, assist in developing sales strategy and clarify customers' product requirements.

# To transmit, on request, proposals and technical data to customers, interpret customer inquires, requirements, attitudes, and to assist in contract negotiations.

# To perform customer liaison services with regard to any customer order for the Company's products.

Exporter Responsibilities.
# The Company agrees to keep the sales representative advised of new prospects, sales plan and objectives for its market.

# To provide the representative with informative and advisory materials about the business practices to be followed.

# To support the representative with printed commercial and technical data and information and to pay compensation as specified.

The Company agrees to pay a commission to the Agent based on the net sale price (FOB factory) of the products sold; in dollars; and within (30) days of the Company receiving payment from the customer...
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