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    Global International Trading
Documentation for Export - When a firm sells its goods abroad, it must arrange for each export shipment accompanied by various documents.

Bill of Lading; a document supplied to the exporter by the shipping company that is transporting the goods to their foreign destination, listing item by item...Read More

How to Get Paid for Exporting?

The exporter and importer are usually unwilling to trust each other very far. The foreign importer does not want to pay for the goods purchased until it is sure of receiving them and the exporter want to have control over the goods until it is sure of receiving payment.

Secrets of International Trade - Most countries have two major tariff lists: Anti-dumping are additional duties to match the difference between prices in the home country and the price abroad.

These barriers represent an extra cost of doing business that can be built into the price. Dutiable list for goods subject to customs duties, and a free list for goods permitted to enter free of duty. Depending on the country, goods in the dutiable list may be classified in any one of three different ways.

Exporting Starts Here

Export Marketing Strategies

How to manage Export Promotion?

Documentation for Exporting

How to Draft an Agency Agreement?

Export Trade Barriers & Trade Blocks

Getting Paid for Exporting

Export Insurance

How to Develop an Export Market?

How to Conduct Export Research?

How to calculate Costing for Export?

Hazards of Export Packing & Shipping

Export Shipment and Transportation


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