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"I have never come across such a wonderful and powerful program to learn what international business is."

I am a Japanese business consultant that provide international business consulting to many Japanese business people and I find your International Export Guide Manual fantastic and splendid.

I do appreciate your efforts to list up the whole essence and details of international business ABC at
Secrets of International Trade

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    Global International Trading

Special International Trade Terms
1. An offer to sell made over the telephone by the exporter, covering the type of good, quantity to be sold, per unit price and delivery and payment terms accepted by the foreign buyer or an offer to buy from the importer.


# Such a contract may be preceded by the series of offers and counter-offers before the final offer and acceptance. Such a contract may or may not be confirmed in writing.

# It usually occurs between branches of the same company or between long-standing trade partners or between reputable companies dealing in commodities subject to rapid price changes... Read more 

Once such General Standard Conditions
Incoterms 2000 have been adopted, they are legally binding whether or not both parties are aware of and understand every provision.

Incoterms 2000, is one particular kind of General Standard Conditions so if the exporter and buyer agree on an F.O.B. price - it has a clear defined Incoterms meaning and are legally binding.

Export sales contract can be informal or formal, depending on the foreign buyer. "...adopting General Standard Conditions is legally binding, whether or not both parties are aware of or understand, every provision..."

"...specify relationship as an Independent Contractor and you cannot be held legally liable for actions an agent commit..." Read more 


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