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Risks of exporting...
Is it worth it?

There is no point in selling if you are not going to be paid.

The only reason that
the bank's collection services are needed is because the exporter does not trust the foreign importer.
Your Export Game Plan
How to Get Paid for Exporting?
    The Secrets of International Trade


Secrets of International Trading
In the international market place, the size of a company is not an important factor. Smaller firms can be just as effective as large corporations.

Smaller firms have the advantage of serving market niches. Multinational firms concentrate on expansion into markets that offer the greatest profit potential and knowingly bypass segments

How to do Costing for Export?
A key tasks of an exporter is to calculate the price that the foreign buyer has to pay for his product.

How to Draft an Agency Agreement?
In business law an offer; once accepted by the buyer; an export contract comes into being.


International Import Export Guide

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    Global International Trading

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    Global International Trading

Falsely declared cargo
Chinese firm told to pay US$65 million. The Airbus A330 was ruined when 80 canisters belonging to the Dailian branch of the China National Chemical construction Corp leaked an extremely corrosive chemical, oxalyl chloride, in the cargo hold.

Hazards of Export Packing & Shipping
The exporter should be aware of shipping hazards i.e. rough handling, transshipment, pilferage, excessive humidity and extremes of temperature.

A "Letter of Credit" is a contractual undertaking on the part of of an issuing bank to pay the seller according to the instructions of the importer against delivery of certain documents and upon fulfillment of certain terms and conditions.

Marketing Strategies for the Exporter
A strategy is just a sophisticated name for a plan. You should have one basic plan for exporting.

Who is Responsible for Insurance? Working knowledge of a contract is essential. You could find yourself in legal hot water that even the best attorneys or lawyer can't get you out.

What are Tariff Barriers? Ad valorem is the kind most commonly used to calculated as a percentage of the value of the imported goods.

International Export Manual Guide
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Certified MS ISO 9001 Consulting Engineers
Special International
Trade Terms
INCOTERMS 2000 uniform rules for the interpretation of international trade terms were published in 1936, by the International Chamber of Commerce used in buying and selling on an international scale.
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